Common questions asked by Hindus about Islam



Why do Muslims take the name of Emperor Akbar while calling people to pray?


1. Non Muslim misunderstand that Emperor Akbar’s name is taken in Adhaan

Once, when I attended a conference in Kerala, a non-Muslim minister spoke just before my speech. He was highlighting the achievements of the Indian Muslims and their role in the progress of India. He said that amongst the Indian kings, the greatest was Emperor Akbar. No wonder the Muslims take his name five times a day, while calling people to pray. During my speech however, I clarified this misconception.

2. The ‘Akbar’ word of the Adhaan has nothing to do with Emperor Akbar

The word ‘Akbar’ mentioned in the Adhaan which is given to call people to pray has nothing to do with Emperor Akbar of India.The words in the Adhaan were used centuries before the birth of Emperor Akbar.

3. ‘Akbar’ means ‘Great’

The Arabic word ‘Akbar’ means ‘great’. When we say ‘Allahu Akbar’ in the Adhaan we proclaim that ‘Allah is Great’ or ‘Allah is the Greatest’ and we call people to worship the one and only Allah who is the Greatest.